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Sana - Head of Postpartumweeks.com


Mom of 3 boys (the middle one decided to stay in heaven) with a flair to help other mothers struggling to get through their postpartum phase. My purpose for creating ‘Postpartum Weeks‘ is to build a place for moms where they can discuss about their postpartum concerns, express frustrations, understand newborn-handling problems and share home remedies which have proved to be useful by the majority of mothers.




Head of Postpartumweeks.com
First child


Postpartum Weeks aims to create awareness for new mothers.


New moms dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety, postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum psychosis can find information accordingly.


I have tried to share postpartum home remedies and treatments for moms who like to pursue natural alternative methods to cure themselves.


Head of Postpartumweeks.com
Second baby is in the heaven


The purpose of creating ‘Postpartum Weeks’ is to provide a place for moms where they can discuss everything related to their postpartum journey.


By everything I mean:

  • the postpartum concerns,
  • expressing frustrations,
  • understanding newborn handling problems and
  • sharing home remedies to cure a treatment.


Head of Postpartumweeks.com
Third Child


Postpartum Weeks group on Facebook helps to create awareness for new mothers in terms of dealing with postpartum blues (depression or anxiety), postpartum hemorrhage, postpartum psychosis, postpartum symptoms and postpartum home remedies and treatments.

I would highly appreciate if you can connect your friends with this group.

Also, I would be keeping special introductory offers for your friends/ members only which will include:

— Postpartum girdles
— Postpartum belts
— Belly creams
— Newborn diapers
— And, much more.

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